When Is A Bass Not A Bass?

Answer:  When it’s a record breaking trout!

cd_5639740b03ea6This is such a brilliant story.  Bass angler, Paul Glover, went out bass fishing on the Lower Illinois River, Sallisaw, Oklahoma with the intention of doing some quiet fishing.  Just a regular fishing excursion that turned out to be nothing but.

Instead what happened was, rather than catch himself a record bass, he, in fact, caught a rather wonderful rainbow trout which broke the state record.  Glover’s trout weighed in at 11-pounds, 4 ounces which tipped the previous record of 10 pounds, 10.56 ounces.  The previous record holder, Mark Reed, had caught his trout in November 2013.

Being the gentle fellow that Glover is, his only comment was “I just got lucky”.  Well we think he sure did especially as he wasn’t even trying to land a trout but was, in fact, aiming for bass.  To top it off, it was only the second fish he caught that day – chilly temperatures meant that he wasn’t going to be out there long.

Now we think Glover is a very smart man because he kept the trout and contacted game wardens to have it weighed on a certified scale.

Good job!

A EZbatVegan


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