Top 7 Deep Sea Fishing Spots

Nothing beats deep sea fishing and what you can catch.

We think that these are the top 7 fishing spot around the word that caters for the deep sea fisherman.  So what you can do is add these to your bucket list (unless you’ve already been there, in which case, lucky you!).

We’ve picked these because they have ideal offshore habitats for big game fish and there are some great charter and guide services that will help you catch them.  Most of these places also are extremely beautiful regions and a lot have tropical weather and warm waters all year round.

So when you’re planning your next fishing trip, perhaps you can take a closer look at one of our top 7 deep sea fishing spots.

1. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket one of the best fishing destinations in the world

If you are a fishing fanatic you can’t miss the sport fishing experience in Phuket, Thailand. The clear blue waters of the Andaman sea shelter a wide range of fish species that will put up a fight before being put in the boat..

Fish that await you in these waters include: marlin, tuna, queenfish, giant trevally, sea bass and enormous carp, catfish and barbs.

You can fish in Phuket year round, however, July and October is considered to be the best season.

2. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa one of the best fishing destinations in the world

Cape Town is flocked by guests from all over the world for its exuberant culture. Known for its huge numbers of tuna and other fighting fish, the coastline of this beautiful city is often piled with fishermen of all sorts. A diverse ecosystem gives anglers the opportunity to fish throughout the year, but it’s best to be there from September to June if you are planning to target solely tuna.

3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico one of the best fishing destinations in the world

Cabo San Lucas has been rightly named the Marlin Capital of the World. The strict catch and release policy here helps keep the marlin population intact. In addition to marlin, you will also find some of the finest fighters in the water like dorado and yellowfin tuna here. Since you will be releasing the marlin you catch do not forget to bring your camera to capture the fun.

The fishing season in Cabo San Lucas extends all year through, but it is said that fishing is best May to December.

4. Limón and Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Limón and Puntarenas, Costa Rica one of the best fishing destinations in the world

Known as the rich coast, Costa Rica has some fishing locations you will fall in love with.  The coast of Limón is open to the Caribbean Sea, which is abundant in species like the mackerel, dorado, jack crevalle, tarpon and tripletail. If you head east to Puntarenas, which sits on the Pacific Ocean, you will land fish like marlin, tuna, roosterfish, wahoo and the snook.

Both coasts are great fishing grounds for sport fishing as the fish found here will fight their might out before surrendering.

When fishing on the Caribbean side avoid June and July. And it’s best to not plan your trip to the Pacific region from September to November.

5. Sicily, Italy

Sicily, Italy fishing in Grouper

It is said that if you go to Italy and don’t go to Sicily then you haven’t seen Italy at all. Sicily is synonymous to fishing. The unspoiled, clear waters are home to an abundant variety of fish. With tuna, amberjack, grouper, swordfish and many more species to be had, the fishing experience in Sicily is incredible. One thing you should try for sure when you are in the Italian Isle is spearfishing. Just dive right in and pursue your fish; this can be more fun than you think.

6. Victoria, Australia

Victoria, Australia fishing

If you want to fish for sharks the best place  in the world to be is in Victoria. The fierce waters of this coast are home to a large variety of shark. Pulling and yanking at your line will be the likes of great hammerhead, bronze whaler, common thresher, organic blue whaler, gummy shark and many more. The Bass Strait waves are tough so be careful, you don’t want to topple over from your boat for sure.

7. Madeira, Portugal

maderia fishing for blue marlin

With its shores in the North Atlantic Ocean, Madeira has very promising fishing grounds that can sweep you off your feet. With an array of fish species that includes Blue and White Marlins, Giant Tuna, Mackerel, Shark and many more Madeira has gained the reputation of one of the best fishing destinations in the world. The experience and photos of your catch from Madeira will be the ones that you will cherish for a lifetime.

The best season to fish in Madeira is from May to September.

Source:  Fish Fish Me


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