Should Kids Be Fishing?

Wouldn’t it be a great world if we could get the kids out there fishing?

The other day we posted a photo on our Facebook page which seemed to really resonate with our fans.


and it got us thinking about how we could get more kids into fishing.

You see, most places have somewhere that you can put in a line, even small muddy waterways often have tiddlers of some description.

There are some schools that have fishing clubs, so maybe in your area you could check out the schools and see if they offer a club and, if they don’t, perhaps there could be some way you could help.  School fishing clubs are awesome – we wrote about that recently Should There Be Fishing Clubs In Schools? again, got a lot of resounding yeses!

But, if you’ve got kids, and you want them out there fishing, then here’s some tips

Involve your kids from the beginning

Kids enjoy feeling included, and what better way to instill some responsibility in your children. Depending on their age, give them small things for which they are responsible, such as ensuring thateveryone has a personal floatation device, or teaching them to coil aline.

Keep them busy

Kids like to stay active. Plan an outing on the boat that includes water activities such as snorkeling, tubing, looking for wildlife or learning how to fish. Introduce your child to fishing.

Teach them new skills that will last a lifetime

Being on the water provides an excellent opportunity to teach kids about their environment, and boating, fishing and safety skills. Try to incorporate these teachings into fun activities and gradually introduce your kids to new things as they are ready. For example, you might want to create a game that teaches nautical terminology such as port,starboard, stern, and bow. Once your kids master this terminology, help them learn how to safely drive the boat or cast a fishing line. Boating and fishing provide unlimited learning—learning that lasts a lifetime

Plan family outings and include others

Use this time to gather as a family and create lifelong memories.Plan short outings such as a picnic on the boat or let the kids find anew creek or lake on the chart and plan a picnic at that destination.This creates a sense of adventure and allows valuable family time together. You can let your kids invite a friend or relative along to share in the fun!

Of course when you are actually doing the fishing, don’t forget to get things for kids e.g. An ultra-light spinning or spin casting rod and reel combo is usually easier for kids to use.  Also, use smaller hooks and keep the line about a 6-pound test line or less.  Teach them good habits and they’ll go on to be great anglers.

Source: Take Me Fishing


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