Sea Bass Caught From The Edge

sea bassSometimes you can just stand at the edge, cast your rod and the bass come to you.

Or that’s what it seems to happen sometimes.

Did you know that Sea Bass do, in fact, come into the shallow waters?  They do this in order to rub their bellies.  Now we’re not too sure why, but perhaps they have lice like sand sharks do.  Nah, just kidding, we don’t know that as a fact.  What we do know is that they actually do come close into shore and it’s probably more likely they are feeding.

The story goes that you can only catch shallow bass in the late evening or early morning – meaning when the light is a lot more faded.  However, the angler in this video proves that that is not the case.  Here you’ll see him catching sea bass from the edge and there still is light.





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