How To Read The Weather For Fishing

barometerIs the weather right to go fishing today?  What’s the best way to read the weather for fishing?

In this article we’ll check out four things you should know about reading the weather and what effect it has on the fish.

Before we begin you should know that fish, like many other animals, have very good weather sense and are extremely sensitive to passing fronts and pressure changes.  This will make a difference to where the fish are.

  1.  With the above in mind it’s a good thing to check out the barometric pressure.  When there’s high pressure the fish will be out eating.  But in low pressure they’re going to be taking cover as this usually indicates bad weather coming in.
  2. The next thing to do is check out where the wind is coming from.  If from the East you’ll find that the fish won’t be eating.  But if it’s from the West that’s a great time to be fishing.  There are some exceptions like if you’re fishing from an East facing beach, but generally the West wind is the ultimate.
  3. Now what if it’s raining?  Well rain can affect how well the fish will be biting but if it’s light rain it’s o.k.  And the beauty of light rain is that when it stops there are generally more insects out near the surface of the water which will bring the fish closer up and easier to catch.  However, the downside is that the light rain will make the visibility of your cast much harder for the fish to see.
  4. Before you go out fishing, the best piece of advice is to check the weather.  This is especially true if you are going to be using some type of boat.  And remember, if you are boating, make sure you wear safety gear and you know the weather.





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