Why Not Add Lizards To Your Tackle?

zoom lizardsThe lizard as bait is probably the most overlooked bait out there.

But they are really an incredibly versatile bait to have in your arsenal for all year round.  You can flip, pitch, drag, swim or hop them and they’re great in pretty much any situation.  These soft lizards can be a game changer especially when the fish are looking for something different.

Rigging these lizards is really open-ended, but the two most popular rigs are the Texas and Carolina.  These are the rigs that they seem to work best on.  You can fish them weightless or use a shakey head or drop shot.

Probably the absolute best time is in the Spring when the Bass are spawning.  They make a great sight bait when the Bass on on the beds.  The retrieves to use is nearly the same as when you’re fishing with plastic worms.

Experiment with drag, hop, crawl, shake or swim and with various speeds and retrieves.  You’ll soon find out which one the Bass are keying in on, then obviously, that’s the one to go for.

zoom lizards

Now these lizards come in different colors….here’s an idea of which color best suits

White, White Pearl and Pumpkin Chartreuse (to emulate bluegill coloring) is good for bedding bass.
Watermelon Red, Green Pumpkin Purple and Green Pumpkin suits clear water.
June Bug, Red Bug, Black Red Flake and Black Emerald if you’re fishing dirty water.

You’ll find these lizards to be durable especially the Zoom brand, and could quite easily end up being the “go to” bait for you.





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