Seen The Mystery Tackle Box?

tackle boxIf you’re active on Youtube for fishing videos then you’ve more than likely seen a mystery tackle box commercial.

Starting off as the average Youtube advertisement you get ready to skip the video but soon enough the clip begins to fill itself with humor and unexpected jokes.

You keep watching and you soon realize that if you’re not already laughing you’re smiling wide with the question of, “What am I watching right now?”

The first time you watch one of their advertisements you’ll be shocked that you’ve never seen it before considering how amazingly funny and entertaining it is!

If you haven’t already seen the video then click the link below and enjoy! You’ll be glad and sad to know that the video is under two minutes in length and informative throughout! Fishermen need some humor and this is your treat for the week.

and if you’re interested to check them out:  Mystery Tackle Box


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