How Many? You’re Kidding!

Just because you’re a lawyer doesn’t mean to say that you’re above the law! Recently Fort Myers attorney Steven Koeppel was arrested in the Keys with 28 illegal lobsters hidden on his boat.

Geez …. the fact that he was over the limit with the number of lobsters is, in itself, grossly greedy – but add to that he had his two sons with him (aged 24 and 22), and his actions show a real “middle finger up” to the rules and the law.  What does it say about him as a father?


Steven Koeppel, 55, of the law firm Yeslow & Koeppel, showed officers 18 legal lobsters (the bag limit is six lobsters per person in Monroe County and Biscayne National Park, 12 in the rest of the state), but the officers found 28 additional lobsters hidden in a compartment under the deck.

“If it had been, ‘Oh, we didn’t know the regulations,’ it might have just been a citation,” FWC Officer Bobby Dube said. “But the fact that the lobsters were hidden shows outright intent to circumvent the law; any first-year law student could tell you that. They went out to purposely poach lobsters. That’s why they went to jail.”

Source: News Press


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