Fishing A Private Pond – What Could Be Better?

pond fishing

When you get invited to go fishing a private pond, well, you just can’t say no.

Spending a couple of hours bass fishing on a beautiful private pond with a couple of great guys, life really can’t get that much better.

On a hot summer morning the topwater bite was on, but the hook up ratio was tough.  A finesse Texas rigged worm and a senko was the just the thing to get some chunky, decent pond bass.

This pond even had fountains in it oxygenating the water which could only mean that the fish would surely be bigger than the first catch.

The water was pretty clear, so there was a little bit of fluro carbon hooked up on the end and a little, bitty texas worm.

There are some awesome tips in this video and ones you should check out if you’re planning to go fishing in a clear water pond.





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