Fishing For Northern Pike (Video)

It’s awesome when you are about to go trolling, but you get a hit before you’ve even got yourself sorted.

Nice aggressive northern pike make great fishing, but made a whole lot easier when done with casting spoons.

The Northern Pike (Esox Lucius) is found throughout the northern hemisphere, including Russia, Europe and North America. It has also been introduced to lakes in Morocco and is even found in brackish water of the Baltic Sea.  Although this video is filmed in Canada, there are many, many places throughout USA that these pike are found.

When asked what leader he used, Kevin said:

“I usually go with a 40 to 50 pound flourocarbon as a leader, however, when fishing in murky water or with faster lures, mono is probably fine too. Lots of anglers use wire leaders and they catch plenty of pike. I feel like I get more bites when I don’t use the wire leader. I used to use 20# flourocarbon leaders for pike and I rarely every got bit off, but it did happen occasionally, so I now use 40 to 50 pound leaders.”

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