Fish Will Eat Anything!

We all know that fish eat a variety of “stuff”, but most of the time when you catch one, the food they’ve eaten is well digested and it’s just a matter of cleaning the guts.

Not so for a young lad near Pittsboro, Indiana.  He was out fishing for largemouth Bass, so you can imagine his surprise when he found a duckling in the gullet of the fish he caught!

His mom had the foresight to take some photos and post them up on facebook.  She said “I guess baby duck was on the menu for this bass…”  The comments came thick and fast mostly people horrified.

The duckling was dead on being landed, the Bass just hadn’t had the time to get it processed.

Mom finished off by saying “By the way, the fish is alive and well. He was released back into the pond. The baby duck was not so lucky. He was a goner long before the fish was caught. I feel for the poor little guy, but that’s how nature rolls. Thanks for the fascination with wildlife, everyone! Fish on!”




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