Do You Know What Zombait Is? It’s New And It’s Awesome.

what is zombaitTechnology keeps motoring along with people finding new ways of doing things and the fishing genre is no exception.

Introducing some very switched on anglers who wanted to create something that would improve their chances of catching big fish.

Most of you will know that, if you’re going out after the really big game fish, that these types of fish don’t go after anything other than live bait.  Now in order to get that live bait you have to do one of two things – either buy before you go which often ends up dead, or go find schools of bait fish and catch it once you’re out there.

So where does the Zombait fit in and what’s it all about?

Imagine a couple of guys crowded in a basement, trying to bring a fish back to life. It may seem like a scene out of Frankenstein, but it’s actually a reality for Zombait – an emerging startup that’s hoping to help fishermen save time and money when it comes to bait.

OK, technically this team isn’t really bring fish back from their watery graves. But with the robotic device it’s developing, it will seem that way….

After many rounds of prototyping, they’ve come up with a device that you shove down the mouths of little dead fish and that makes them robot, seeming as if they were still swimming strong. And big fish fall for it.

“We’ve gone to fishing events in Nantucket, Gloucester and Newburyport, where we spoke to hundreds of tuna and striper bass fishermen,” Borowski started. “The response level was great. But the need isn’t just local.”

“There’s a saying, ‘no bait, no bite,’ and it’s true,” explained Borowski. “People come up with so many different reason as to why they aren’t catching anything. They’ll blame the tides, the phase of the moon, the day of the week. But when it comes down to it, if you have the wrong bait out there, that’s the main reason why nothing’s biting.”

Now, instead of buying expensive live bait – or, god forbid, spending hours trying to catch it yourself – you can simply stuff dead fish with this device. It makes the bait kick its tail back and forth post mortem at a natural speed and angle, so it looks pretty darn close to the real thing….

Making sure Zombait realistically mimics live bait has been a thorough, but comical process. It’s involved ample playtime with dead fish for the team.

“Our first test was in my kitchen sink in Somerville,” said Borowski. “My wife was a gem for letting us do that. We got really excited that it worked and were ready to make it smaller and more powerful.”

While the final product isn’t on the market yet, the Zombait team is getting close. With the Kickstarter funds, these guys are hoping to crank out more devices and find the perfect channels through which they’ll be selling them. In the meantime, they’re working away in a basement, coming up with future features, like sounds and movement profiles, to add to Zombait.

This looks like it could be the way of the future for those going after the bigger fish that need the live bait.  We sure hope Zombait is out on the market real soon and if you can help with the kickstart program head over to the site:  Zombait

Here’s a closer look at it:

Source:  BostInno


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