Did You Know These 5 Things About Bass?

cd_5669d05ac4a9bCheck out these 5 things about bass and make sure you haven’t bought into any myths.

01. Bass find their food by sight.  It’s true, they do.  However, they are also exceptionally good at foraging for food in the dark murky water as well.  It’s probable that this is due to the lateral line system, which detects water movement and pressure.  This is situated on the head rather than the side like other fish and are called head canals.

02. Bass spawn during the full moon – no, just joking.  They actually spawn when the water temperature is is 64 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit and that can be at any moon phase.

03. The female gets bumped by the male.  The male does this in order to stimulate the female to release her eggs.  However, it’s not totally necessary as the female will release her eggs without being nudged, bumped or prodded in any way.

04. It doesn’t really matter what size your lure is little or big you can catch bass.  What does happen is that the Largemouth can easily swallow a forage fish up to one-third its length.  A smallmouth can slurp up a forage fish that is one-fourth of its length.

05. Did you know that most bass that weigh in the double-digits, at least from southern waters, are fast growing and relatively young.  These bass can be around 7 to 10 years old and are not usually really old fish as one would like to believe.


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