Bizarre Ideas For Freshwater Fishing

If you keep an open mind you can learn some great ideas, in fact you can easily come up with your own if you’re inventive.

cd_561594e4cb556We checked in with Debbie Hanson who is an outdoor writer, blogger, and avid angler.  She’s that good that she’s written articles on fishing and boating for publications such as USA Today Hunt & Fish and Game & Fish Magazine.

She’s come up with three pretty decent ideas that may seem bizarre, but do actually work.

  1. Using a soft plastic shrimp as freshwater bait for bass. You might be more accustomed to saltwater fishing for redfish or spotted seatrout, but happen to be near a freshwater lake and only have your saltwater tackle with you. Don’t worry, you can still wet a line and have a good chance at landing a largemouth bass. How? Use one of the soft plastic shrimp in your tackle box. Think about it, they sure look a lot like a craw, don’t they?

  1. Wacky rigging your soft plastic stick baits. I used to stick to the traditional Texas and Carolina rigs when freshwater fishing for bass… until I learned how to fish wacky-style in areas that don’t have a lot of cover. All you have to do is take your hook and run it through the center of the plastic stick bait so that the ends hang free on both sides. Rigging a stickbait this way may seem a bit strange at first, but bass love the fluttering motion that’s created when the two ends drift down through the water column. If you try this fishing tactic, you won’t be sorry you did.
  1. Using gummy worms to catch bass and catfish. We all know that worms are fantastic live freshwater fishing baits to use for catching bass and catfish, but have you ever thought about using those multi-colored worms made from gelatin and sugar as bait? Well, you just might want to try because gummy worms actually work! The trick is to use an old package of gummy worms because the firmer the gummy worms are, the easier it will be to rig them and keep them on a hook. You can rig them the same way you would a soft plastic worm or rig them like a nightcrawler underneath a bobber with a small weight.

Source:  TakeMeFishing



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