This blog was started to pass on fishing facts, tips and general nonsense to other fishing crazies out there, and that will always be its primary purpose.  So far, a decent number of anglers have stopped by and we are just getting started.

However, we’d like to think that this site can pay its own way, and with that in mind we’re perfectly happy to have the site generate a bit of income or even a healthy profit.  We believe that money, earned in a way you feel good about, is a very good thing.

How does a web site like this earn money?

There are currently two sources of income: standard advertising (the little advertising boxes you see at the top and bottom of most posts of this site), and affiliate relationships. The ad box is straightforward – website owners get paid if people click on the ad.  The affiliate relationships are the part worth explaining.

What are Affiliates?

Whenever we use and like a product these days, we check if the company has an “affiliate program”.  That is, do they pay existing customers or publishers to refer new customers to them.  Luckily for us in this area of fishing, some of them do.
Most of the physical products come from Amazon, the information products from Clickbank.  Both companies we know deliver what they say they will.  However, from time to time we also use products that are affiliated with other companies, in which case, we make sure they are fully reputable and consumer conscious.

So, we hope that explains why there are advertisements on this website and that you don’t find them too obtrusive.

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